Have you ever felt this way?

  • I keep spinning my wheels trying to get traction for my business.
  • I hate all the new tools - how is a person supposed to learn to use them all.
  • I'm tired of going it alone. I just need someone to bounce ideas off of or get some feedback.
  • I need a coach or mentor who has been there and done that. Someone with experience.
  • I really want more than a webinar or one-off course. I don't even know what to do after those. 
  • I'm tired of starting and stopping. I need the support, accountability, and tools to keep me going!

If you have, then you are in the right spot! We created DIY.social just for YOU. 

I had heard from so many people who got poor advice on their social marketing or horrible business advice and now were just frustrated and wanting to throw in the towel on their business.
I  wanted to create a place that felt like a comfortable co-working environment (with a coffee cooler instead of a water cooler) and a place that could also be a source for learning and  sharing tools and success stories--you know we all need people who can high five us when we have one of those awesome days or to lift our spirits when we have one of those tough days. 

I love helping people "get it" with technology and marketing concepts, and I'm tired of people out there making things harder than they have to be--we all need the EASY BUTTON in our lives.

Thankfully, we now have that SWEET SPOT to come to ... DIY.social 


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Gina explains what you'll get out of your DIY.social membership 

You'll Get:

A Membership Roadmap- because you shouldn't embark upon a long journey without some sort of map or guide to show you the way. This will direct you if you are a beginner or a seasoned traveler.

In-Depth Courses- whether you want to learn how to get your content universe bringing you more leads or how to set up your Facebook Business Page the right way. We have courses on graphics and branding using the latest tools like Canva and Picmonkey, and how to set up custom audiences and run successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Live Events- Sometimes you just want to share success stories and get your questions answered. Each month we hold live events, webinars, Q&A, sometimes even FACE-TO-FACE...WHAT??? CRAZY! We love connecting with you and celebrating your journey!

Travel Buddies Community- This entrepreneurial journey can be too quiet at times and we need someone who will cheer, celebrate, let us scream out our frustrations over Facebook's latest changes or just to cry with us (at least let us do the crying). That's what the community is about. GET SOME ANSWERS, share your WINS or GNASH YOUR TEETH! (these are actual forums) That's what we're here for!


"I LOVE this site. I can't tell you how many hours I wasted searching stupid Facebook forums and never finding the answers I needed. I love that I can throw a question out and sometimes, within minutes there's exactly what I was looking for. I've learned enough here to have a master's degree! THANK YOU.”

Cathleen "the great" D

Fitness Coach & Entrepreneur

“I love the fun energy in all the trainings that Gina is involved with. I have taken classes from her for over 10 years - I guess I'm a slow learner or just a life-long learner!”

Scott M

Project Management Consultant

DIY.social is your essential resource for the training, advice, support you need to build a successful and sustainable business

Being a part of the DIY.social membership and community allows you to:
• Build a business you love
• Learn at your own pace, the skills you need to grow your business
• Stop wasting precious time looking for information and reources
• Tap into the collective knowledge only available in an intimate and yet, social community of learners.

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